Hebei Yecheng Plastic Products Co,.LTD was located in Nangong of Hebei province, Has specialized in developing and manufacturing plastic bottles, glass bottle, vacuum bottles and many kind of customized bottles for almost 10 years. Our factory occupies 65,000 square meters and has more than 300 skilled workers. There are 18 advanced production lines, which can achieve a daily output of 50,000pcs. OEM and ODM are all workable for us. Because of insisting on providing high-quality products and excellent service all the time, our products are very popular in China
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workshop show
workshop show

Covering an area of 65 thousand square meters, we now have over 300 skilled workers. An annual sales figure that exceeds US dollars 10 millions last year. Exporting account for 10% of our productions.And our business is still booming.   There are 18 advanced production lines, which can achieve a daily output of 50 thousand PCS.

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As one of the largest and most influential international exhibitions in the global consumer goods industry, Ambiente in Frankfurt is an important trade channel for enterprises to successfully enter the international market.The exhibition is divided into three themes: Living (household), Giving (gifts), Dining (kitchen).

Our company participated in this exhibition in February, 2020. The exhibits are fashionable in design and colors, which are appreciated and loved by customers.

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Hebei Yecheng Plastic Products Co.,LTP
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